Saturday, January 14, 2012

Day 41 At Sea

Today started out very sad when I heard the news about the Costa Concordia running aground in the Med.  It was obviously quite disturbing and shocking to hear, especially since I spend most of my time living on ships.  So sad for all the guests that were lost and injured.  Anyway, here aboard the Amsterdam allis well.  I had a very nice day at sea as we sail toward our next port of call, Recife Brazil.  Tonight was out second formal night and the Black &  Silver Ball.  It was a lovely evening.  It was nice to see everyone all dressed up.  I must have enjoyed it since it is after 1:00 am and I am sitting here sending out a blog to you….  I may get out to the pool a little later than usual……



  1. VERY good looking group you hang around with! Please tell everyone I said "hi" and that I can't wait to read more about your adventures. I've also heard a rumor that Crayola is looking for new colors...

  2. ^^ I was thinking the same thing. Your pictures are beautiful. What a wide range of ages. How fun.

  3. Jeff, what a great start to a wonderful voyage! The pictures are awesome. If you need to brush up on your tan, then take a liberty boat to Destin. Micah got a geologist job in Nevada and he starts in a week (yes, we are excited for him!). Stay safe and well clear of shoal... love Mike, Deb, Micah, Jacob, Joshua, Isaiah, and Elijah