Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Day 37 Bridgetown, Barbados

What a fabulous day!  It was a nice day from the very beginning…..  We sailed into Bridgetown early this morning and I left the ship with Allan & Sandra just before 9:00.  We were headed for the beach.  This week we were headed for a place called Lobster Alive.  This was a very nice section of beach on Carlisle Bay with a fantastic restaurant that flies fresh lobster in daily.  The beach day was just great.  Later in the morning, Ed & Becky joined us as well as Mike & Janet.  Around noon, Renee & Ingo came to eat in the restaurant.  So Allan, Sandra, Ed, Becky, Renee and Ingo all enjoyed a delicious lobster lunch while Mike, Janet & I continued beaching it.  At the end of our beach day I walked back to the ship with Ed & Becky to get a little exercise and to snap some photos. What a sunset….  it was the second day in a row that we saw the “green flash” at sunset.   It was  a tremendous day!


  1. Enjoyed these photos! Pretty town; best old door pic ever :-) The water and sunset... WOW .....what an incredible place, beautifully captured! So glad you had such a great day


  2. Jeff,
    How lucky you were to see the "green flash" two nights in a row. We have only seen it once and that was last year on our way across the Pacific from Tahiti to Peru. It was such a thrill as we have been looking for it for years. Once again loving the photos.

  3. Jeff,

    Great photos! We have a green flash also. It's called envy, even for that Bermuda tank top. We tried to cruise to Bermuda in August, but Hurricane Irene had other ideas.


  4. Outstanding! Looks like a fabulous day, love Barbados, and awesome pictures as usual.