Saturday, January 7, 2012

Day 33 Ft. Lauderdale

It’s official….  The 2012 Grand World Voyage is underway!  We woke up early this morning so we could get together one more time with Willem before he left us returning to his home in Thailand….  We had a great breakfast get together with Willem.  Then it was off the ship for immigration and then straight to the pool.  The guests for the World Voyage started coming aboard around 11:30 and the fun began.  It was a constant stream of old friends coming aboard.  What a great beginning…..  The staff, crew and guests are all ready to kick off this year’s world voyage.  I am looking forward to beginning this amazing voyage…..



  1. Love the pictures of the pool with the flag reflections... & the moon... & the sun... & the colourful drinks... &...
    Enjoy your Grand World Voyage. I am looking forward to it through your pictures & your words.

  2. I'm jealous...........

  3. jeff, i can feel the excitement you convey in your pictures! safe voyage! we will all be with you everyday. i can't wait!! beachlady

  4. Hi Jeff,
    At long last the World Cruise has begun! I'm glad you have so many friends aboard to share your adventures with over the next few months.
    I must complement you upon your fantastic moon and sunset photos. I could almost feel the heat from the sun!
    Happy cruising.
    BVH-Groton, Ct.