Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Day 9 Puerto Caldera, Costa Rica

Today was pretty interesting….  Aart & I had pretty much decided to stay on the ship, just go on the dock and walk around a bit.  I have been in the area a number of times in the past.  While it is a great place for Eco-tourism, I wasn’t in the mood for that today.  Then we awoke this morning to overcast and rainy weather…..  No pool time for me so we decided to go to Punta Arenas, about a half hour taxi ride away.  It was a nice trip and we enjoyed exploring the city.  We took some time for drinks at a local bar and just enjoyed the day.  It was nice to run around and have an opportunity to snap a few photos.  We returned to the ship and…..  the sun miraculously came out and it was pool time again.  What a day!  One other thing…. For my Spanish speaking friends, my friend Jesus, in Spain, has a website where my blog is translated and republished for the cruise aficionados in Spain.  He just published an interview with me at  http://cruceroadicto.com/entrevistando-jeff-farshman.html  I hope my friends in Spain enjoy my World Adventure on Holland America Line…..


  1. I really love your 'people' shots. Do you ask? Or do you just shoot??

  2. Hi Jeff..

    a lot of spanish speaker are following your adventures now. I will follow day by day traslating and sharing your experiences for spanish audience.. I m publishing your trip in Twitter ( now cruceroadicto has more than 8500 followers) and Facebook too..

    Enjoy your trip and be sure that a lot of people will travel with you readign your post..


  3. Most people never know their photo was taken. I like "natural" shots. I sometimes ask, if required. I generally avoid paying for photos because it fosters a bad example for kids.

  4. The tanman is going internacional. Love the power of the blog and how it can transcend different cultures.