Thursday, December 15, 2011

Day 11 Panama Canal Transit

No matter how many transits I do of the Panama Canal, I always find it extraordinarily interesting.  I am on my feet all day going from front to back and all points in between.  It is always wonderful and always different.  It is also very interesting to see how much progress is continually being made on the construction of the new locks….  Great day despite the overcast and sometimes very rainy conditions….  Just wonderful!


  1. The car crossing in the water. Wow. Allan

  2. Jeff,

    Great photos once again. I love the way that HAL lets the passengers right up to the bow of the ship. We have done the transit twice, once with HAL and once with Princess and we much preferred doing it with HAL. They do go out of their way to make it special.


  3. jeff, i must admit that i didn't think you could possibly take any different pictures of the Canal since you have been through it so many times. but, you did it again. you viewed it from another perspective and made it so interesting. thanks again, great as usual. beachlady

  4. Great pictures again! Love the quality and different compositions, your an excellent photog.

    Thanks again for all the effort on the blog!